Survey Templates Employee Evaluation Surveys 15 Organizational communication survey questions within a ready survey template

15 Organizational communication survey questions within a ready survey template

This organizational communication survey template helps you analyze how robust, transparent, fair, and efficient your company's internal and external communications are. This survey template will help in understanding where your organization can improve communications internally to boost performance, cross-collaboration, and team dynamics.

Measuring the efficiency of internal communication efforts helps evaluate how employees feel and take measures to improve employee morale. A common choice of bigger firms includes general employee surveys, employee engagement surveys, employee communication, and internal communication surveys. Without effective and constant communication, business operations at organizations may get hampered, resulting in productivity and money losses. Fluent communication is not the responsibility of one function or manager; it rests with every employee. The information flow from and to all parties involved must be smooth, direct, honest, and open. This survey example is usually used to analyze employee perspective about what is important to communicate regularly, on what topics, organization-wide updates, etc.

Which best describes your impression of communications within your company?
How do you feel about the information you receive?
How well do you feel you know the company?
Compared with a year ago, how would you rate your knowledge of the company, its strategies, and its ongoing accomplishments?
What is the best thing about communications in the company?
For which information items do you believe it is very important that you receive communications about?
What other topics do you feel are important for you to know more about and would like the company to include in future communications?
How much of a typical company newsletter do you read?
What is your overall evaluation of the newsletter?
From which of the following sources do you now receive most of your information about what is going on in the company? Rank your top three information sources only.
The grapevine
Bulletin board
My supervisor
Company leadership
Group meetings at our work location
Local company publications
Company intranet
Company e-mail
Voice-mail announcements
How would you rate your manager's communication skills?
Do you have any suggestions for the company to help improve performance and efficiency?

Top 5 reasons to use these communication survey questions

Company communications can affect your day-to-day business operations, depending on how clear, transparent, and fair they are. The amount of information collected in the form of survey responses helps measure employee satisfaction in real-time and take measures to improve employee engagement. You should survey your employees to understand how communications are at your organization. Here are 5 reasons to use the company communications evaluation survey template:

Knowledge sharing
To what extent does the organization share critical information with the employees? How frequently is it shared? Sharing important events and facts with your employees is crucial to gain their trust. Not only will your employees trust you when you share important and crucial information but also can suggest ideas and ways to realize your plans.

Accuracy of information
Every employee should be a part of the information chain of the company, and the accuracy of this information can build or break an employee’s trust. Send out a questionnaire to learn whether the employee trusts the information they receive. If the majority of your employees don’t, you may need to dig deeper into it.

Frequency of communication
Frequent communication is important to keep your employees apprised of developments. Frequency is not only important when communication flows from management to employees, but also managers to the team, and team members to supervisors. How is the frequency at your organization? Find out with this questionnaire today.

Timeline of communication
When it comes to sensitive information, it is imperative it should be communicated in a timely fashion. If not, it could affect delivery, deadlines, team dynamics, etc. Use this template to understand if this happens at your organization.

Uses of a communication survey template

- Employee understanding about company strategies, financial aspects, human resource (HR) processes, etc. can be understood using a company communications evaluation survey.

- Check to see if work is delegated properly and communicated clearly to team members.

- Your organization appropriate and enough communication channels for employees to express their opinions and ideas.